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Phenylacetic acid(苯乙酸)

Phenylacetic acid(苯乙酸)
Product name : Phenylacetic acid(苯乙酸)
Item : 103-82-2
Details :
Phenylacetic acid
Alias Phenylacetic Acid (Controlled Chemical); Phenylacetic Acid/a-Tolylic Acid; alpha-Tolylic acid; 2-Phenylacetic acid; alpha-Toluic acid; Benzeneacetic acid; 2-oxo-3-phenylpropanoic acid;; potassium phenylacetate; ammonium phenylacetate; calcium bis(phenylacetate)
CAS 103-82-2  
Molecular Formula C8H8O2
Molecular Weight 136.15
Structure Formula
Quality standard Test Item Quality standard
Appearance White schistose crystal
Content ≥99%
Melting point 76.2-78°C
Moisture ≤0.8%
Applications Used as the raw materials of penicillin, it is an important raw material for the synthesis of pharmaceutical, pesticide and spices
Package 25kg woven bag packaging, plastic-lined;According to user’s requirements to provide various types of packaging